Replace Oil Drain Plug Gasket in Simple 5 Steps

Bad oil drain plug gasket? Often it is because of the leaky oil drain plug. You need to replace the oil plug gasket to resolve the leakage. And, keeping clean oil in the engine improves the health and performance of the engine. Oil is an essential fluid used in the engine. Therefore, it is important to prevent the leakage of this important fluid to maintain the engine in the best working conditions.

Here are the steps involved in replacing oil drain plug gasket:


Collect all supplies and then jack up your car. Raise the can and make sure that is stable and safe. Also get the correct replacement gasket for your magnetic oil drain plug. The gasket size might be specified in the owner’s manual. Therefore, you can buy the correct one advance. And, if it is not specified in the manual, wait for the oil to drain and then identify the gasket size.

Remove oil drain plug with the help of tools

Remove the Oil Drain Plug

If you know how the oil is changed, you can change the gasket as the steps are same. Don’t forget to have oil to replace with the oil you drain. You can find the oil drain plug under the engine. If you are unable to locate it then you can find the location with the help the owner’s manual. Now, put the oil pan under the oil the drain plug and loosen the bolt. Here you need to be careful as the oil is likely to be hot if the engine is running.

Remove the Gasket

After you are done with draining, use the rage to wipe off the area. Don’t misplace the magnetic oil drain plug as it is difficult to tell the size of the plug for replacement. After locating the gasket remove it carefully.

Replace the Gasket

Take the replacement gasket and fit it at the place of the old one. Wet around the gasket using a little amount of fresh oil. And, make sure that the seal is good enough. All edges should sit evenly. This will prevent further leakage.

Replace the Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Now, fix the plug back into its place. Change the oil filters and empty the oil pan. Now, refill the oil drained during the gasket replacement and put the empty and clean oil pan under the replaced gasket. Leave it there for an overnight. If there is no oil in the pan, the issue of leakage is completely resolved.


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